Marquette University:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Marquette University

Marquette University (MU) is a medium-sized Jesuit school within walking distance of Downtown Milwaukee. Many of the academic programs here are highly esteemed, particularly Engineering, Business, Accounting, Political Science, and various Health Science fields. Professors at this college are extremely helpful, but demand a lot of extra work from their students to assure that they succeed. Classes are on the smaller side, providing a lot of interaction between students and teachers.

The sports scene at MU focuses on the Golden Eagles, the men’s varsity Basketball Team that competes in Division I. Once basketball season rolls around, you’ll hardly see anyone talking about anything else! More than half of the student body snags tickets to the games. Unfortunately, many of the other varsity sports don’t receive as much love or attention. If you love to play sports, there are plenty of clubs and intramural teams to join.

MU students work hard and play hard, so weekends are party central on campus. MU’s administration is pretty strict about drinking on campus, so many younger students quietly pre-game in their dorm rooms and parties naturally spill out into off campus housing. If you live off campus, then you’ll have the best access to nightlife. Students who are of legal age spend their weekends exploring Milwaukee’s bar scene. The Greek Life here is mostly involved in community service projects rather than throwing events, so they’re certainly not the hub of MU’s social scene.

When to Search

Many Marquette students are anxious to leave campus after their Sophomore year, but they usually don’t want to wander too far away! Apartments close to campus are in high demand and will get snatched up fast. Most MU students begin browsing for places around September and begin securing their apartments by October or November. In order to get an ideal place, it’s best to start looking early.


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