Alverno College:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Alverno College

I’ve always said that southern Milwaukee is the safest part of the city, and that Alverno College has a great location for safety. Two of the bordering neighborhoods (Layton Park and Burnham Park) ranked second and third, respectively, on the most recent list of Milwaukee areas with the lowest crime rates. Harder’s Oaks, where the school is located, is also a very safe neighborhood itself, and if you look around the general area, neighborhoods like Green Moor, Hawley Farms, Fairview, and Jackson Park also have low crime. Before Alverno students begin their housing search they need to figure out where in the Milwaukee metropolitan area they want to live. Do they want to live closer to the city in an urban part of town, or further away in a place like Oak Creek? Your decision will most likely be persuaded by the cost of each option. The rental data on this website actually has Oak Creek as a barely more expensive option than Milwaukee ($983/monthly for the average two bedroom in Oak compared to $905). But looking at these trends don’t tell the entire story; in Milwaukee there is a deeper market, and naturally there will be both cheap and expensive housing options. But also remember that the cost of living will be higher, and the commute will be further than a closer option.


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