Metropolitan Community College Maple Woods:
A Local Perspective

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The areas of Kansas City with the lowest crime statistically are the southeastern part (near Overland/Roeland Park and South Kansas City) and the northern part (near Gladstone and Liberty.) Fortunately, MCCMW’s main campus is located in the latter area, and its campus and the neighborhoods around it are all very safe for students. A lot of student renters ask if I would recommend living closer to the city, but I don’t see the point. The school is located in a great area, and even if there aren’t as many rentals as the city, I think it’s a better community overall. With Missouri 152 to the north, US 169 to the west, and Interstate 435 to the east, MCCMW is well connected to the region by the local major roads. This is good news for students, as it’s largely a commuter school, and there isn’t much public transportation in the area. KCATA runs a few buses in and out of campus, and while some students ride them everyday, the majority drive their own vehicles to class or carpool with friends.


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