Rockhurst University:
A Local Perspective

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One incredibly convenient aspect of Rockhurst’s campus that you’ll notice right away is that there’s a bus stop on every block. And what’s more, at the stops on Troost Ave you can catch as many as four different buses, depending on where you want to go. Some students take these buses every day, while others never use it during their time at Rockhurst. It all depends on whether or not you own a car or not. If so, you can use it to commute to class if you live off-campus. If you don’t, you need to either find a carpool or take the bus, which is an easy alternative here with the public transit service. With a simple glance at the number of enrolled students (around 2,800), it would be easy to deduce that Rockhurst is a small school. However, Rockhurst essentially shares a campus with the University of Missouri Kansas City, so it feels much larger than it actually is when you’re walking around. Fortunately, the classrooms feature the lower student to teacher ratio that you would expect at a small university, and you will still always see familiar faces around campus.


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