Los Angeles Valley College:
A Local Perspective

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The North Hollywood metro station is a short drive along Chandler Boulevard from LAVC. Here you can hop on the red subway line, which can take you to a number of desirable locales--most notably downtown LA. You can catch the orange bus line closer to campus, which can take you to a west or east area nearby or bring you to the North Hollywood station (it’s too far to walk to). There are also numbered buses like 167 or 233 that are designated for more local transportation, and are perfect for commuting to home and back. The joke around southern California is that the local news broadcasts don’t need weather reports, they just like to have an excuse to put an attractive face on the air and tell the audience that it’s going to be 75 degrees and sunny every day of the week. The weather doesn’t normally fluctuate much--occasionally there will be a few more rainy days in the winter and a few more hotter days in the summer, but the temperatures stay in the 60s and 70s for the most part. I would say it’s the perfect climate, and if you’re coming from a different part of the country you’re in for a pleasant surprise.


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