Southwestern Law School:
A Local Perspective

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The crime rate at SWLaw is very low. In the past few years, there have only been a couple burglaries on-campus, and on public property near the school, a couple stolen cars, and one arrest. The neighborhood near Koreatown/Westlake/Rampart Village where the campus is located is also pretty safe. Thefts are really the only crime that occurs in this area. With the amount of actors, artists, musicians, writers, dancers and sports teams that LA has, there is no shortage of shows, galleries, games, and events to attend on a regular basis. There are an incredible number festivals here each year, too. There are music festivals, like the Annual Central Avenue Jazz Festival, the Grand Performances Summer Festival, Summer Concerts at the Grove, and more. There are food festivals too, like Drink Eat Play, and LA Winefest, and many ethnic festivals such as the Lotus Festival, Cuban Music Festival, Oktoberfest, Nisei Week, Dia de Los Muertos, and so many more. There are car shows, film festivals, major sporting events, parades, holiday celebrations... there’s always something to throw a party for in LA.


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