Mount St Mary's College:
A Local Perspective

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Mount St. Mary’s University is isolated from the rest of Emmitsburg, and from everywhere else. The campus sits along Route 15, with very few neighborhoods or establishments of any type nearby. When you live on campus, it can feel like you’re in a small, safe bubble where very few things go wrong. The security there is top notch, and serious crimes are scarce; they can seem nonexistent at times. If students have to move off campus, many of them worry that they’ll live in an area that won’t be as safe and protected as campus. Fortunately, if they live in Emmitsburg or any of the local towns nearby, they won’t have much to worry about. The crime in this region is low, and there are plenty of safe places where students can live comfortably. The concern students have regarding off-campus housing isn’t so much about the cost of apartments, but rather the availability of apartments. The best place to live would be Emmitsburg, but their rental market is stretched thin. There are some houses that can be rented, but aside from that the a variety isn’t too impressive. If you look within 15 miles of campus there isn’t much else, either. If you are a commuter student who can search further than that it’s your choice to do so, but if not then be weary that there aren’t many renting options close to school. St. Mary’s is located near the affluent ‘burbs of SoCal. Bel Air, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills... these are the closest neighborhoods to campus. These areas have huge homes, fancy cars, low crime, but most critically to students, very high housing costs. It can be frustrating for students because living on campus will set them back pricewise, and when they look off campus the same problem persists. Simply put: this is an expensive part of the state to live in, there’s no denying that. If you can find an affordable rental, there’s no sense in waiting and risking that it’s taken by someone else; just grab it. A lot of people want to experience what LA has to offer without actually living in the city. There's always bad traffic, there are crime issues in some areas, housing is expensive, and the public transportation isn't the best. Mount St. Mary's, fortunately, is on the outskirts of the city in a very nice community. Students are able to make trips into the city whenever they wish, like on the weekends or during breaks, but otherwise they can live in their nice, quiet college community. Their campus also sits on the base of the hills, which have a lot of nice parks and hiking areas for students to explore.


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