East Los Angeles College:
A Local Perspective

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Los Angeles has notoriously terrible traffic during rush hour, which is something you’ll have to factor in if you’re thinking of going here. There isn’t any on-campus housing offered at the school, so you will have to commute from another part of the city, which could involve dealing with traffic on your way to morning classes or on the way back home in the early evening. The school is located off the Pomona Freeway and Long Beach Freeway, both of which get very congested. To avoid the traffic, you can either plan your class times so they don’t interfere with rush hour, find a rental that is close enough so you won’t have to spend a lot of time on a major road, or live to the northeast of the school in a neighborhood like Monterey Park so you can avoid the major roads in general. This campus is the largest out of the city’s community college system, and has over 35,000 students currently enrolled. Like Los Angeles, the college is extremely diverse, and the majority of students are of Hispanic ethnicity. In fact, around 60% are Hispanics. Asians and Whites are the second and third largest, respectively, comprising 12% and 7% of the student body. Also, because the school is a community college, the age ranges vary widely. Classes aren’t just young adults; it’s normal to have classes with adults or even senior citizens. The school is diverse in many ways, and ultimately this enriches your educational experience


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