University of Indianapolis:
A Local Perspective

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Indianapolis city buses stop by UIndy every hour, and are convenient for students who want to leave campus or get to campus from their apartment. If you live on campus or within walking distance, public transportation isn’t necessary as everything is close to each other. But half of the student body commutes to school, and has to rely on either the bus system or their own vehicle. The city buses serve a limited area so make sure you choose an apartment near one of its stops if you want to ride it to classes every day. There’s no better place in Indiana to launch a career than Indianapolis. It’s not just the state capital, but also the capital for business. And it isn’t only a statewide economic leader--Forbes Magazine ranked it number 8 on a list of the best U.S. cities for jobs in 2008. It’s a great place to foster a startup company, and also to join an already established corporate giant. The city stands among Chicago and Detroit as the best Midwestern cities for business, and as a UIndy student you already have a leg up on other college grads who want to work in the city.


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