Butler University:
A Local Perspective

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The public transportation in Indianapolis is provided by IndyGo. There are 16 routes that run every single day, 10 that run every day except Sunday, and 4 more that run only on weekdays. BU is located near an area of Indianapolis that most routes pass through, and the campus is located right between Route 34 and 28. BU also has its own transportation--the shuttle bus, which goes to the Glendale Mall and Broad Ripple. ZipCars are available for rent on campus, taxis can be hailed in the city. Most students say everything they need is in walking distance, and that it’s not a big deal to have a car on campus since parking isn’t very expensive. Butler is less than 5 miles from Broad Ripple, which is where all the bars are. The convenient shuttle to Broad Ripple is more fondly referred to as “The Drunk Bus,” since it’s main purpose seems to be lugging drunk students back to campus. Fraternities also throw their share of parties on campus. Around Broad Ripple, there are a ton of bars in a compact area. Connor’s Pub and the Alley Cat Lounge are fun dive bars, Kilroy’s, Plump’s and Brother’s are popular sports bars, and for hookah, head to the Egyptian Cafe, LAVA, or Hookah Nights. As far as dance clubs go, the Rock Lobster is always mobbed with drunk college students, and the Vogue Nightclub is usually really full too.


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