University of Pittsburgh:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near University of Pittsburgh

Only three miles away from the city’s bustling center, the University of Pittsburgh (PITT) is located by three different rivers, offering a variety of both natural and urban settings for students to enjoy. This University is known for being one of the top public schools in the country and is renowned for its Medical program, Education program, and Engineering program. The Medical program is highly research-oriented and works with the nearby University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Classes here are on the larger side, but most professors adeptly handle a larger student body and don’t leave anyone feel neglected. The professors and academic advisors are also known for being forward-thinking and pragmatic, focusing on their student’s futures outside of academia. If you’re looking for an academic education that is also career-oriented, then you’re looking at the right school!

PITT has a sprawling social scene in and of itself, but it’s certainly not self-contained. South Oakland rages with house parties on the weekends and students from Chatham and Duquesne often come by to join the fun. Even if you’re not into partying, Pittsburgh offers plenty of cool places to visit, eat, shop, drink, or just chill. No matter what kind of person you are, you’ll always feel that sense of camaraderie with other PITT students.

When to Search

Keep in mind that PITT is a huge school with lots of students vying for places off-campus. You’ll also be competing with Chatham and Duquesne students for housing! In other words, properly timing your apartment search can mean the difference between getting an amazing place right near PITT and settling for a mediocre or overpriced apartment. PITT students typically begin browsing around for potential places in November. By the time January rolls around, the search is in full swing; people will be touring apartments and beginning to sign leases.


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