Florida A&M University:
A Local Perspective

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As a college city, Tallahassee restaurants know how to lure students out of their on-campus dining areas. There are so many places in the city that have delicious, carb-heavy meals for a low price, and most of them stay open late and deliver to dorms. Just look at the menu for any restaurant near Florida A&M, you’ll most likely find that the items on their menu are $10 or less. The city also has more expensive restaurants for special nights out like a date or a birthday, and of course, like any bona fide college city, bars. Tallahassee isn’t just the capital, it’s also one of Florida’s largest college cities. There are three schools here: Florida A&M, the Tallahassee Community College, and the big one, Florida State University. There are always school-related events going on, especially involving sports. The students at these three schools always mingle and attend each other’s parties and sports games--or, to be fair, Florida A&M and TCC are attending FSU’s games. For non-school related fun, Tallahassee has both urban and rural activities. For example, you can spend a day at an art museum in the city and then the next at a nearby lake.


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