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Stevens Point:
A Local Perspective

Stevens Point is a small college city in Wisconsin. The population sits at about 26,000 people, but the larger inclusive area around Stevens Point proper includes nearly 70,000. The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, and a branch of the Mid-State Technical College both make a home in the city.

Religion has featured prominently in both the past and present in Stevens Point. There are several churches from different denominations, all of which are among the most important buildings in town. Outdoor enthusiasts love Stevens Point and the surrounding area, as the camping and trails nearby the city are among the best in the State.

Finding a Stevens Point Apartment

When to search

Rental availabilities are very tight in Stevens Point. Many students choose to live on-campus simply because there are not enough rental properties nearby. Starting early is essential, and by March you definitely want to be on the lookout for a good apartment. If you start later, be prepared to widen your search to the surrounding communities.

Staying in the know

Steven's Point is a small town, so remember that every single interview matters. If you happen to make a terrible impression on a landlord, there is a very good chance that word about you and that bad impression could travel to other prospective landlords in the city. Treat every interview as if its your last, just to make sure you get on the good side of the local landlords.

Life in Stevens Point


Steven's Point residents are almost all car owners. If you're moving to town, car ownership is definitely worth considering, as it can make transportation much easier. While bicycle or foot travel will work during the summer months, once the Wisconsin winter hits, having a car offers a lot of benefits.

Where to play

Check out some of the exhibits and events right on campus for the best Steven's Point has to offer. The Museum of Natural History is free to the public. For craft beer enthusiasts, Steven's Point brewery far precedes the recent craft beer craze, and has been in business since 1857.