Hamline University:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Hamline University

The buses that run near Hamline’s campus can take you to both Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul. Both of these rides are about a half hour, and are very popular amongst the student body. But if you’re a college student looking for a rental, you probably aren’t checking out either city’s apartments. Rather, you should be looking in the area between the twin cities where Hamline is. And, fortunately, the same buses that can take you to both cities also can drive you to anywhere in between. Students often take advantage of this and find an apartment near a bus stop. If they plan it well enough, they’ll live in a place that’s a short drive from both campus and one of the cities so they can quickly commute to both. Most college students would be more than happy to have access to one major city. Hamline students, on the other hand, have close access to two. Minneapolis and St. Paul are both bona fide big cities, with populations of around 385,000 and 285,000, respectively. The two cities are also both 15 minute drives away from Hamline’s campus by car, and 30 minutes away through public transportation provided near campus. And, to extend the similarities of the twin cities even further, they both have myriad nightlife opportunities that will never fail to keep students entertained during their four year stay at Hamline. To put a cherry on top, you also have the option of just staying local at Hamline, where there are always parties and fun events happening on the weekends.
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