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Living in a major metropolitan area can be expensive, so living on campus might be best for you. Campus living can range you from $2,616 to $5,451 depending on how many roommates you have and what hall you live in. Living off campus could save you money if you had roommates to help you, a standard 2 bedroom in St. Paul/Minneapolis is $1,183 a month, so if you split the rent that would be $591.50 a month - you could probably even stretch it further by creating space for a third renter. Keep in mind this the average cost of an apartment, places will be cheaper. Cheaper yet would be outside of the city, if you’re willing to make the commute. The interesting part about St. Catherine’s is that it’s an all female institution. On campus 72% of those females are Caucasian, 8.3% are African American, 6.9% are Asian, and 2.7% of them are Hispanic. In St. Paul the population is at about 285,000 residents where 67% are Caucasian, 11% are African American and 12% are Asian. In St Paul roughly 40% of it’s residents are between the ages of 20 and 44, the town is filled with young trendy folks looking to succeed.
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