Oregon Health And Science University:
A Local Perspective

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OHSU’s class buildings overlook the Marquam Hill Upper tram, which is without a doubt the most popular public transportation for students. Buses 8 and 44 circulate the area too, and though they’re not as prevalent as the tram, they cover a wider area and are more convenient for some commuters. The campus is in a fairly residential area with a lot of rentals in the surrounding neighborhoods, so if you could walk or bike to class you would significantly cut down on transportation costs. OHSU’s large medical campus isn’t just renowned for its size, but also because it’s a mile outside of downtown Portland. Students need only to hop on public transit or pile into a friend’s car and off they go, ready to conquer an area that’s dubbed by many as one of the hippest downtowns for young people in the country. The local music venues have gained new levels of popularity, and as blasphemous as this may sound, the city is now comparable to Seattle in this department. The nightlife has developed a certain character, one that young adults and students especially warm up to easily.


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