Johnson County Community College:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Johnson County Community College

JCCC’s dining options aren’t as extensive as a normal college’s. They are, to be fair, better than most community colleges, with a couple coffee shops, a cafe, and a food court, but students will get tired of the lack of variety pretty easily. At that point they can either pack their own food, or look to other restaurants in the area. Overland Park has a good number of places to eat, and students will undoubtedly establish favorite lunch spots that they’ll take friends to or study at. Many of the restaurants in the area also deliver, which is ideal for long study sessions. There are two bus circuits students at JCCC that bolster the local public transportation. There’s the Lawrence/KU Edwards/JCCC K-10 connector and the Johnson County Transit, which students call the Jo. The Jo has ten different bus routes that go to JCC and and then run around the county, to locations like downtown Metcalf, Olathe, Antioch, and of course Kansas City. It’s very easy to find an apartment near one of these many routes and take the bus to class every day.


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