Santa Fe College:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College is a small state school tucked away in the Northwestern Gainesville, a quaint college town in Central Florida. Once a top ranked community college, Santa Fe puts an academic focus on awards associate’s degrees, but also provides some professional and bachelor’s degrees. In fact, they boast some of the top associate’s degree programs in the country, particularly in the liberal arts. Though Santa Fe isn’t a traditional university, they still offer some awesome amenities that might trick you into thinking that you’re paying big bucks at a big 4-year university (see the huge library, attentive tutoring services, etc). Each classroom is relatively small, allowing professors to build strong ties with their students.

Of course, when Santa Fe students aren’t focusing on their class work or hunkered down to tackle homework, they’re usually hanging out with friends or taking part in various campus organizations. Like many colleges, your social life can have a huge effect on how much you enjoy the school. Luckily, Santa Fe College is well known for its close-knit community that encourages mingling and celebrates difference. You’ll find just about every kind of student here, from the local high school student dual enrolling to the traditional college student to the returning professional. The presence of UF nearby only enriches the social scene at Santa Fe, particularly for those that live in an apartment near either campus. Whether you decide to enroll in a few clubs or just hang around campus, you’re sure to make friends fast here!

When to Search

Like many other college towns, the rush to snatch up a chill apartment in Gainesville can be brutal. This is particularly true for Santa Fe College students. Santa Fe is significantly smaller than its UF counterpart, so you’ll be competing with a few thousand people for undergrad-friendly real estate. The best way to get a nice place is to stay ahead of the game. Most Santa Fe students begin browsing for apartments in November, with the search peaking around May. The earlier you lock down a new place, the more likely you are to land an awesome apartment near campus and Gainesville’s college hot spots.


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