Argosy University-Chicago:
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It’s undeniable that living in Chicago is very expensive, especially if you want to live close to Argosy’s campus, which is in the Downtown area. It's incredibly difficult to find a decent one bedroom apartment for less than $1200 a month in Downtown, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a two bedroom for less than $1600. However, the good news is that Chicago has an extensive public transit system that extends to the city’s outskirts and suburbs. I would recommend looking through all the city's neighborhoods and suburbs to find a rental with your desired amenities and price tag. Just make sure you're close enough to a bus, subway, or rail stop, and you can use public transportation to get to class every day. If you have a car you have unlimited options, as you don't have to live near public transit. There’s a remarkable difference between the nightlife of a small rural college and a school that’s located in the downtown area of one of the country’s largest cities. Forget about lackluster fraternity parties or dull apartment get-togethers. At Argosy you will be able to hop Chicago's best bars, see your favorite artists in concert any night of the week, attend exciting professional sports games, or attend world-class art premieres. The greatest part is that you will be able to walk to many of these places, and for others you will just have to take the subway a few stops. Argosy may be small, but its nightlife is comprised of the best opportunities the big city has to offer.
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