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A Local Perspective

A relatively small city, close to 17,000 people live in Boone. It is named after the famous American Daniel Boone. The city remains very proud of the origins of its name, and celebrates Boone with events and exhibits.

In addition to its famous namesake, Boone is also known for Appalachian State University. The school typically enrolls more than 18,000 students, which is more people than the town has full-time residents. Boone is a bit of a contradiction, as it has high populations of both the young, and old. The University draws a large under-25 population to town, but the location is also a popular place for retirees.

Finding a Boone Apartment

When to search

The small size of the city and the presence of the University can make finding an apartment in Boone a bit of a challenge at times. The best bet is to time your search with the University school year. This means starting to look around May, and not looking if possible in August or September.

Staying in the know

If you're a student or former student at the University, don't be afraid to use a professor as a reference on your rental application. Usually, former landlords are best, but for many students moving off-campus for the first time, this might be impossible. In college towns like Boone, a professor is a perfectly acceptable reference for new renters.

Life in Boone


You can absolutely get around Boone just fine without owning a car. First, you have the option of the AppalCART bus system, which is free to use for everyone in the city. Second, you can walk almost anywhere if you have the time. If you're in more of a hurry, a great system of bike lanes and sidewalks makes cycling a quicker way to reach your destinations.

Where to play

Watching Appalachian State play football is a must, as the team's success is legendary in Boone. During the winter, there are several ski resorts including Ski Beech and Ski Sugar that are within a short drive. There are several great Mexican restaurants in town including Black Cat Burrito and Los Arcoiris. Boondocks Brewing Tap Room and Restaurant is the largest local microbrewery.