Savannah Technical College:
A Local Perspective

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Savannah has a FREE downtown transportation system consisting of Express Shuttles and Streetcars with stops around the Historic District, and a ferry to Hutchinson Island. There are inexpensive parking sites in Savannah too, called “Best Bets.” Savannah Tech is served by a public transit system as well, known as CAT. None of the shuttles serve Savannah Tech, though some buses have routes stopping there. Routes 4, 14, and 114 are the most useful to students. There are so many bars in Savannah it is hard to narrow down to just a few. The Moon River Brewing Company is one of the most popular, though also full of tourists. Wet Willie’s and the Jazz’d Tapas Bar are also hotspots, as is Jen’s and Friends. Savannah Smiles makes for a fun night of drinking and dancing, though you can dance at Venus de Milo, the Saya Lounge, Club One, Frozen Paradise/Inferno Lounge... the list goes on and on. There are performing arts theaters, movie theaters, and art galleries to check out in Savannah too.


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