Savannah State University:
A Local Perspective

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In the past few years, there was 1 forcible sex offense at SSU, a few dozen burglaries, and a handful of motor vehicle thefts. All arrests were either drug or alcohol-related, though there were a few assault arrests. Considering the 4500 students who attend, these numbers are fairly average, and the SSU should be considered safe. Most students feel it is safe here. However, out in the rest of Savannah, things aren’t so good. Savannah is not a safe place to live. The majority of crime happens in northern Savannah, with areas being safer the closer one gets to the coast. Clearview, Edgemere, Fairfield, and Louisville Rd are all areas with higher crime rates than the rest of Savannah. As of January 2013, police say crime is at its lowest since 2005. Georgetown, Wilmington Island, Rincon, and Pooler are among the safer areas to live. Savannah’s economy hinges on a few factors: the Port, the military, manufacturing, and tourism. Around 12 million tourists visited Savannah in 2011 alone. The Port is historic, and was originally where all goods stopped before being transported to England. Many items are manufactured in Savannah, from construction equipment, private jets, and a paper mill. In October 2012, the unemployment rate in Savannah was about 8%. Though this unemployment rate isn’t too much higher than the national average, most people still feel it is very high here. The pay isn’t very good for most jobs here, and most are entry-level types.


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