University of Redlands:
A Local Perspective

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Redlands is about a fourth safer than the California and US average. Its violent crime rate is especially low, with a murder rate that’s half of the CA/US average and a low assault rate, too. The risk of vehicle theft is a little higher than the country average, but that trend is true in California as a whole. Redlands overall is a great place for students. When you look around the rest of Southern California, you could make a case that Redlands, combined with San Bernardino, is one of the best places for students to go to school. What do college students like to do in their free time? Most would say hang out with friends, leave their dorm room or apartment that they’ve slaved away studying in, and enjoy a sunny day. There’s no better activity that combines all three like retreating to the mountains that students stare out the window and daydream at when they’re in class. The San Bernardino National Forest is very close, just a short drive down Mill Creek Road. Here there are lakes, springs, towering peaks, and great trails for exercise, leisure, and recreation.


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