Loma Linda University:
A Local Perspective

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The public transportation system in Loma Linda leaves a lot to be desired. Aside from special taxi, shuttle, and limo services, the only regular public transit option is Omnitrans’ bus service. But this is limited; there is only one route that runs from Loma Linda University to Cal State in San Bernadino. There should be more transportation options for students, especially considering that Los Angeles and other areas like Long Beach and Anaheim are just 60 miles west. However, if you want to drive to these areas on the weekend, or want to live more than a few miles away off-campus, you will need a car. Loma Linda specializes in studies related to health, medicine, science, and technology. They have some of the most highly touted programs for fields like dentistry and nursing, and its grads have one of the highest salaries five years after graduating, as reported by the New York Times. A hundred plus majors or programs are offered here, and unlike many other schools that require several campuses, Loma Linda University needs just one central one. LLU offers numerous options for students who want to study a broad range of topics, and also helps out its graduates after they receive their degrees.


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