Quincy College:
A Local Perspective

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Quincy College is right next to the hub for public transportation in the area: the Quincy Center Station. This station connects students from all over Boston, its suburbs, and beyond to the college. It’s a stop on three commuter rail lines, which serve most of the state of Massachusetts. It’s also a stop on the city’s subway “red” line, the most common form of transportation in the city. As if this wasn’t enough, the station runs 17 bus lines that students can take. With this type of public transportation, there’s no reason that students should have to own a car to get to school. Quincy is a part of Boston that’s often overlooked because it’s a little far from downtown. But it has great ocean access, including a few good beaches along the Quincy Bay and Town River Bay. There are great public parks in Quincy too for students who like recreation. And most notably, Quincy is just a 20 minute or so subway ride away from the heart of Boston and its plethora of activities. Going to class on-campus is the most important part of college, but Quincy students’ opportunity to explore a major city will enrich their overall experience just as much as studying will.
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