Berkelee College of Music:
A Local Perspective

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Berklee is located in the Back Bay, which is one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Boston. Unfortunately, if you’re a student who wants to be within walking distance of Berklee’s campus, the surrounding neighborhoods of Downtown, Beacon Hill, and the Fens are all pretty expensive. Many students live in Allston, Mission Hill, or Brighton, all of which are connected to Berklee through the city’s Green Line on the T. If you’re adamant about living close to campus, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for listings in the area. Landlords know that there are a lot of students looking for housing in Back Bay, so sometimes they offer deals or cheaper housing. If you see one of these discounts, you should snag it quickly. Berklee has one of the most unique student bodies not just in Boston, but in the entire country. The students here are brought together through a common interest--music--and are all incredibly talented. If you walk through the campus here, you will see more street performers than in any other part of the city, and you will see students wearing guitar cases or carrying their instruments. Most of the students are artistic types, and many are hipsters. If you’re searching for a roommate, you will find that most of the students are unique or peculiar, but this isn’t a bad thing. After all, they might know about the band you didn’t think anyone listened to or an indie movie you adore. And, like most of Boston, but especially here, mostly everyone has a liberal political view.
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