Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
A Local Perspective

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Traveling to and from Cambridge is easy when you take what the locals call the T (the train operating by the MBTA). MIT has a subsidy program which MIT subsidizes the purchase of a monthly pass from the MBTA for students and faculty. A Charlie Card (A reusable transportation pass) will be issued to the people that qualify (students who have a bursar account and do not have a parking permit, staff that also don’t have a parking permit). You then can take the T and reap the benefits of not driving to and from campus. Due to the short commute into Boston, I’d suggest you find all your nightlife in the city. Boston is one of the cities in the nation that has the biggest collection of brewpubs and bars. Some of the popular nightclubs in Boston include Roxy, Bill’s Bar, Avalon and Paradise Rock Club. Some of the most frequented bars in town are the Gypsy Bar, Aria, The Alley, Purple Shamrock, Hong Kong, Hennessey’s, just to name a few! If you’re looking for loud fun with friends, or a quiet evening with a drink or two you will definitely find something to suit you.


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