University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh:
A Local Perspective

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University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh is a public university located right beside the Fox River and stands only minutes away from Lake Winnebago. It’s the third largest University in the state of Wisconsin. Despite this, the classes are intimately sized and allow for a lot of individual attention from professors. Most professors will push their students to succeed without burying them in work, making it a popular school for those looking to learn about both academia and the real world. UW – Oshkosh is known for having great programs in both Business and Nursing.

UW – Oshkosh students are warm, friendly, and down to party with just about anyone. Most of the house parties take place in the neighborhoods right outside of campus. Once they turn 21, students tend to transition from house parties to the bar scene. Though there’s Greek Life present on campus, it’s relatively quiet. Those who are Greek enjoy participating, but non-Greeks don’t flock to frat or sorority parties.

Sports are loved at this University, despite competing in Division III. Students particularly pay attention to basketball games, though football is getting increasingly popular. Sometimes the long walk from central campus to the athletic fields can discourage students from attending events. However, intramural sports are also beloved among UW – Oshkosh students.

When to Search

Since most students are looking to grab an apartment around the University, it’s best to start your search ASAP. The process can be quite competitive. Most students start looking for a place between March and April, with the search peaking at the end of May.


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