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A Local Perspective

Oakwood is located in Hall County and has an estimated population of about 4,000 residents. This small town was named after the railroads that ran through the area. Today these train systems still come through Oakwood. You will find Oakwood between the 985 corridor and beautiful Lake Lanier. It is a small town but you couldn't find a better place to call home. Being a small town has its advantages. Oakwood is a very family oriented town where people want to get to know one another. It's rural Georgia at its finest and it is also home to Lanier Technical College.

Finding an Oakwood Apartment

When to search

Oakwood is a very small town therefore finding housing can be a challenge. In this family oriented community you will need to stay on your toes and keep an eye out of housing as it comes available. Keep an eye out on the community bulletin board at the college for people who may have a unit available or for those who are looking for a roommate.

Staying in the know

With such a small area housing is on a first come-first serve basis. Since it is a small town be prepared for landlords to be very particular about who lives in their units. When you live in a rural, family oriented community, landlords will be specific about what they want so listen carefully.

Life in Oakwood


Public transportation is not readily available in Oakwood. However it is small enough that you could walk to many places or even bike to them. It is highly recommended that you have your own means of reliable transportation to get you around town as well as areas surrounding Oakwood. This is not an area that you really want to be without a vehicle.

Where to play

While Oakwood is a small, rural town, there isn't a lot to do in this area. You would mainly travel to areas close to Oakwood like Gainesville for all your entertainment. Oakwood is ideal if you don't want the hectic pace of Gainesville but be prepared to go outside of town when looking for things to do.