Brenau University:
A Local Perspective

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With two colleges in town Gainesville has no shortage of student apartments and landlords who don’t mind dealing with them. The good news is that these rentals are usually cheaper than most, and though they’re not always in the best shape, students don’t usually mind. There are residential areas all around the school, and students who jump on the apartments that open up early are rewarded with a great location within walking distance. It’s no secret that one of the main concerns students at Women’s colleges have is that they won’t be able to meet any men. But here, there are thousands of male students at the nearby Gainesville State College. As for Brenau, there are only around two thousand undergrads. It’s a very small school by any measure, but it doesn’t shy away from this fact. It boasts small liberal arts classes and a real “community feel” on campus, and has been recognized nationally for its academics at the Gainesville campus, satellite campuses, and online classes.


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