Edgewood College:
A Local Perspective

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Edgewood’s campus ranks 8th on the list of Madison areas with the lowest crime. The area south of it (Seminole Highway/Nakoma Road) ranks fifth, and to the north, the Regent St/Virginia Terrace area ranks first. Students here shouldn’t worry about walking around campus late at night as long as they use common sense and steer clear of the lake and arboretum south of campus after dark. Comparatively, Edgewood’s campus is much safer than the University of Wisconsin’s campus that’s closer to downtown. Madison is considered one of the best college cities in the country--it’s best known (aside from the fact that it’s Wisconsin’s capital) as the home of the University of Wisconsin’s main campus, which is located near downtown. Edgewood is a bit further away from downtown, but is impressive nonetheless. Its campus sits on Lake Wingra, and the University of Wisconsin’s beautiful arboretum (which attracts outdoor enthusiasts in the warm weather). Madison is a great city with bars, clubs, and venues designed specifically for college crowds.
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