Duke University:
A Local Perspective

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Duke University is a Methodist-affiliated College located in the lush and sunny Durham, North Carolina. Duke is known for its challenging academic programs, particularly Public Policy, Engineering, Business, and Medicine. Even the so-called “easy” courses can be challenging, so be prepared to spend a lot of time studying. The professors are known for being passionate about their subjects and eager to help anyone in need.

There is Greek Life at Duke, but it tends to fade into the background unless you’re an active participant. About 30% of men and 40% of women are active in Greek Life. The nightlife and party scene at Duke is what you make of it. Groups of friends tend to make their own fun.

The amount of school spirit and enthusiasm that Duke has for their sports teams is truly phenomenal, especially for the basketball team. Tickets to all varsity sports are free for students, making them a huge part of the culture at Duke. If you want to participate in the fun without joining varsity, students have a number of intramural sports you can sign up for.

When to Search

Not many Duke undergrads have the option of getting off-campus housing, so the apartments targeted towards the undergrad lifestyle and budget are limited. It’s important to start your off-campus housing search early to get the best picks possible. Students typically begin gathering their roommates and looking at places in January. Around March, apartments will be toured and leases will be signed. Most fairly priced places located around Duke’s campus will be snatched up by June.
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