University of North Carolina at Charlotte:
A Local Perspective

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University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) is a large public college that stands in a scenic suburban setting. This university is well known for its Education, Business, and Finance departments. Finance students also have access to many internships at prestigious companies, thanks to the many banks and financial centers that call Charlotte home. Classes are a bit large, but the workload is fair to students, and many professors are willing to spend time with their students outside of class. Tutoring is always available to those who need it.

Students are open to making friends, especially if you join clubs or activities that bring together people with similar interests. If you know the right people and look in the right places, you can find quite a few parties off campus. Most of the nightlife at UNCC takes place in the city’s restaurants and clubs. Greek Life is not huge here, though there are some sororities and fraternities that live both on and off campus. They mostly host fundraisers, though they occasionally throw parties.

Sports are a beloved part of UNCC culture. The football team, though fairly new, is highly beloved. Game days enhance the campus’ school spirit exponentially, particularly for football, basketball, and soccer. Intramural sports are also incredibly popular among students.

When to Search

The area surrounding UNCC’s campus is in high demand because the University does not offer housing to all students. Typically, the earlier you begin to search, the better chance you have of locking down a clean, affordable place close to campus. UNCC students begin searching for apartments in November. Around January people are at the peak of their search, touring potential places and preparing to sign leases. Once July comes around, most of the desirable apartments in the area have been snatched up. Of course, there are the occasional diamonds in the rough…


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