Johnson And Wales University Charlotte:
A Local Perspective

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The areas around JWU Charlotte, the Third and Fourth Ward neighborhoods, there are a few nice places to eat. Alexander Michael’s is an extremely popular (and always packed!) American pub-style restaurant. It is very easy to miss, with its quaint, country-home exterior. The VGBG Beer Hall and Garden has impressive beers, a window to order food, an outdoor patio with games, and a cool atmosphere. Mattie’s Diner is close to VGBG, and the best place for breakfast. It’s a homey environment complete with juke boxes. The Little Village Grill is close to campus, and has the most delicious Greek and Italian food nearby. On campus, the Student Dining Center is open at 6am on school days, until 9pm, and on weekends, 11am to 7pm. Most students aren’t very big fans of this dining hall, but thankfully, within walking distance there is a Subway, Chick-Fil-A, Great Wok, The Cedar Street Tavern, Starbucks, and if you want to walk 10 minutes, a Dunkin Donuts. North Carolina is known for its lovely weather, though there are the occasional picky people who think it’s too hot in the summer. Summer days are usually in the upper 80s and low 90s. Winters can sometimes get very cold and a cold snap of days in the 30s is not unheard of, though generally winter days are expected to be in the upper 40s and 50s. Snow is rare, and maybe three inches will fall all year. May through July are incredibly sunny, while December and January are oftentimes cloudy. March sees the most rain. Tornadoes are a possibility in this region, and in 1994 a tornado hit about four miles from the center of Charlotte. Hurricanes can occasionally affect this region as well. The air quality, albeit often dry, is very good, and in several categories, like sulfur dioxide, significantly better than the US average.


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