Northcentral Technical College:
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NTC’s main campus is located not far off of US 51 on West Campus Drive so it won’t take too long to get to campus from any part of town. Be mindful of rush hour times because Wausau isn’t a small down, as it has over 35,000 people buzzing through its city limits. If you live closer to the campus you can take many side streets to reach your destination, 3rd ave, 1st ave and Burek Ave all intersect with campus drive making your commute easy and painless. Cold doesn’t even begin to describe the climate in Wausau, Wisconsin where NTC’s main campus is located. Their average January temperature only gets to 17 degrees, with a minimum temperature that frequents the below zero numbers. On record the temperature dipped to -22 degrees, yes, negative twenty-two! Summers aren’t hot, even though records can be broken. In the hottest month, July, the average temperature is only 70 degrees - quite comfortable! Wausau does get a lot of snow in comparison to the rest of the country but luckily Wausau isn’t in a snowbelt, so they only get roughly 60 inches of snow per year.
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