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Severe, violent crimes are practically nonexistent on Bentley’s campus. At worst you’ll hear about an assault, which is still serious, but it could definitely be worse. This feeling of safety isn’t exclusive to Bentley, though--Waltham has one of the lowest crime rates in the Boston metropolitan area. I’d say the safest area to live in is the easternmost part of Waltham near Belmont and Watertown. Kingston, in the northwestern corner of town, is also a nice area. And, for students, living near Brandeis and Bentley’s campuses is safe and convenient. At Bentley, dorm get-togethers, apartment parties, and fraternity events dominate the on campus nightlife. But students who don’t want to be crowded in someone’s room or end up doomed by a low female to male ratio at a frat house go ten miles east of Waltham to the great city of Boston. There, your nightlife opportunities are unlimited; especially if you’re over 21. These students could also find fun in downtown Waltham, with its bars, pubs, and restaurants.
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