Valparaiso University:
A Local Perspective

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Valparaiso’s median rent is around $839 (based around the average monthly price of a two bedroom), but can swing a few hundred dollars either direction depending on how many beds and baths you require. Valparaiso’s price range is similar to nearby Portage, Chesterton, Hobart, and Crown Point, so if you’re debating whether you should live locally or in one of these neighboring towns then price isn’t an issue. The commute is a larger issue, and the prices that come with filling up your gas tank every week. Cheaper college housing is also available in Valparaiso. The facilities aren’t as nice, but the low costs make up for it. Valparaiso University is 30 miles east of the Illinois state border, 50 miles southeast of Chicago, and just 14 miles south of Lake Michigan. Interstates 80, 90, and 94 run north of the school, and 65 is to the west. US Route 30 provides direct access to the school, and is the road that most off-campus commuters will take to campus for class. However, if you are an on-campus student you will likely not be driving very much; only 46% of students bring their cars on-campus with them.


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