Onondaga Community College:
A Local Perspective

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Every year at OCC, there are on average 3 or so sex offenses, several burglaries, and an assault or two. For having 12,000 students, these numbers are incredibly low. A handful of liquor- and drug-related arrests take place, as well as a few hundred referrals for the same reason. There are occasionally small cooking fires. Students feel extremely safe on the OCC campus, as it is in a much nicer area than Syracuse University’s campus, for example. In the city of Syracuse, crime rates have been slowly decreasing for the past for years, though the numbers are still high compared to the New York and national averages. The majority of crime in Syracuse takes place northeast of OCC, near Downtown Syracuse, or South Side, though most of these are theft/robbery/burglary cases and not acts of violence. The most dangerous neighborhoods of Syracuse are Skunk City, Elmwood, and Brighton. The weather in Syracuse leaves much to be desired. Winters are cold and snowy, and summers get hot and humid, and then cold again overnight. Syracuse is infamous for its quantity of snow each year; it receives more snow annually than any other big US city. In 2004, 78 inches of snow fell in the span of one month. On average, around 30 inches of snow fall each winter month. On the opposite side of the spectrum, in the summer, the humidity can make 80 degree days feel like 95. If you hate snow, you will hate living here, but if you love winter sports and fresh powder, than this is the place for you!


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