Gonzaga University:
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Spokane’s Amtrak station is a 25 minute walk from campus, which is close enough for some but too far for others who have a lot of luggage and bags with them. In that case, buses 26, 28, and 39 can take students there from campus. These buses can take you mostly anywhere you need to go, whether it be home, a friend’s place, a restaurant, a job, or another place. Gonzaga benefits from being neighbors with Washington State University. With two large schools so close together, Spokane has made sure that there’s plenty of public transit that goes there. For students, this means an easy commute that is also cheaper than driving to campus. Living on campus from year to year makes students’ lives much easier. They just have to step outside and the dining hall, library, their class buildings, and the other residential halls are right there. But living on campus can have a major drawback, which is that oftentimes it’s much more expensive than living in an apartment somewhere off campus. It’s more work to go out and get your own groceries, pay rent and utilities, and navigate a commute, but I think it’s worth it in the end if you can save hundreds, or depending on the school and what it costs, thousands of dollars. Ultimately it’s your choice, but in my eyes it’s a no brainer to move off campus when you’re an upperclassman.


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