Santa Barbara City College:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Santa Barbara City College

SBCC stays connected to Santa Barbara with nine bus stops on and around campus, all spread out for seven different bus routes. Buses aren’t always needed to go downtown, however, because it’s just a ten to fifteen minute walk. Conveniently, the city’s Amtrak station is an eight minute walk from campus. Most students just use it when they’re traveling out of town on school breaks and at the beginning and ends of the semester. But it’s feasible to use it in your everyday commute if you have patience. SBCC overlooks the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Barbara Bay, actually, as well as several miles of sandy beaches on its coastline. Can you say beach party? As long as the weather cooperates, you can always find bonfire parties or late-night swimming on the coast at the city’s best beaches, like Leadbetter. Santa Barbara’s downtown district is also walkable from SBCC’s campus, and has lounges, nightclubs, bars, and great restaurants. What more could a student ask for?


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