Harper College:
A Local Perspective

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Harper College has a pretty lame Dining Hall, and a couple small cafes. The good news is Palatine has some great places to eat right in town. Mexico UNO is a cozy little restaurant with the best Mexican cuisine in town. For the best subs and sandwiches, you’ve got to try Capri. Artistic Cuisine, an Argentinian fine dining restaurant, is full of tasty creative dishes, gourmet pizza, and incredible soup. It can get pretty crowded since the restaurant itself is small, so it is best to make reservations. Gator’s is a great place to get some chicken wings, especially if you like them spicy and tangy. Big meaty portions makes Gator’s fulfilling as well as tasty! For sushi, you can either head to Sushi-Ai or Susha Para--I’d say they are both pretty good but if you have to pick one, go to Sushi-Ai. The service there is better and it has a contemporary feel inside. Every August, Palatine holds “StreetFest,” a festival with live music, games, food vendors, and activities in the streets. The Fourth of July celebration in Palatine is similar, except with a parade, fireworks, and carnival. Once a month over the winter, there is a Winter Market, similar to the summers’ Farmer’s Markets. A St. Patrick’s Day Festival has a marching band in the parade, an Irish market, and serves as a fundraiser for the homeless.


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