Chapman University College:
A Local Perspective

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Orange is Chapman’s home, south of Anaheim and north of Santa Ana in the LA metro area. California routes 55 and 57 run parallel on either side of the school, and I-5 (one of the region’s main arteries) intersects them. Everything you’ve heard about LA’s traffic congestion is probably true, and even though Orange is miles from the big city it still suffers from it. This can be blamed on the Anaheim/Santa Ana car flow nearby, and unfortunately it’s something students have to deal with. Chapman is a small-to-medium sized university with around 7,000 students, and like many liberal arts schools it has a disproportionate female to male ratio (girls outnumber guys sixty percent to forty.) Calling Chapman a liberal arts school isn’t terribly fair, as its programs are a hybrid between liberal arts and professional studies. The university has schools for film, media, and performing arts, but also for business, science, and law. This academic dichotomy attracts different types of people to the school, and as a result the student body is very diverse and full of many characters.


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