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A Local Perspective

The second largest city in Virginia is home to more than 240,000 people. With Chesapeake Bay to the north, Norfolk is home to the largest Navy base on the planet. In addition to Naval Station Norfolk, the city is also home to a NATO Strategic Command Headquarters. Access to the water is also important for the local economy above and beyond the military presence, as importing and exporting across the Atlantic is a critical component of local industry.

There are several options for higher education in Norfolk. The local community college is a great option for those looking to get an immediate jumpstart on an education or a career. Old Dominion University and Norfolk State University offer wide ranges of degrees. There is also a local medical school, and Virginia Wesleyan College available for prospective students to choose from.

Norfolk VA

Finding a Norfolk Apartment

When to search

Norfolk is a large enough city that it has a lot of available rental properties. There tends to be relatively stable availability throughout the year, but the options seam to peak in the summer. Try to find your apartment sometime before August to ensure that you have enough options to choose from.

How to Search

Finding an apartment can be hard, especially when there are so many choices. With our filters, you can narrow your search by price, floorplan, and amenities. Looking for an apartment building with a fitness center, swimming pool, and easy access to a dog park? We've got you covered.

Staying in the know

In Norfolk, the affordable prices are going to make other parts of your application at least as important as your proof of income. Spend some time getting good references before you apply for your apartment. Reach out to your references beforehand and ask permission to use them. If they seem surprised when a prospective landlord contacts them, it could hurt your chances of getting approved for an apartment.


Life in Norfolk


Driving in Norfolk can be confusing, and it can take some time to learn how to navigate the city by car. Public transit however, is available, and should be able to get you to most of the important areas of the city. Hampton Roads Transit offers buses, a light rail system and a Trolley Tour around the city.

Where to play

The sea and the military are very important to Norfolk's history. Visiting the Naval Museum, Nauticus and the Battleship Wisconsin are great ways to get a sense of the grand maritime legacy of the town. Other sea-faring activities such as short cruises and fishing expeditions are very popular. To enjoy the nightlife, you need to head down to Ghent or to Granby Street.