Long Island University Brooklyn Campus:
A Local Perspective

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The dorming situation at LIU Brooklyn only allows for about 700 students to live on-campus, so the majority of students are commuters. Brooklyn is not an affordable place to live. Even a one-bedroom will cost at least $1000/month. If you are trying to save money, you would probably be better off living in New Jersey and commuting. Union City and North Bergen, for example, are markedly less expensive. The unemployment rate in Brooklyn as of December 2012, was 9.5%, higher than Manhattan’s 7.3% and Queens’ 7.9%, and the national average of 8.4%. The majority of Brooklyn’s employers are not big companies, but smaller businesses. Nearly 23% of households in Brooklyn make less than 15k a year, and 35% make less than 25k a year, and 83% make less than 75k a year. Less than 9% of households bring in more than 100k annually. About a quarter of the population is under the poverty line. As of June 2012, 32% of the population works in the Service business.


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