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A Local Perspective

Murfreesboro is a large city contained within the even greater Nashville metro area. The fast growing city is home to approximately 108,000 people, although it is still growing quickly. One of the major battles in the Civil War, the Battle of Stones River, took place very close to the city.

Today, Murfreesboro is very much an educational hub for this part of Tennessee. The city is still active in manufacturing, although like much of the country it has experienced some drop-offs in this area. The school in Murfreesboro that is so important to the area is Middle Tennessee State University. The school employs 900 academic professionals, and has more than 22,000 students enrolled.

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Finding a Murfreesboro Apartment

When to search

There are a lot of vacant apartments at any given time in Murfreesboro. It has an excess of vacancies, which means that you don't need to worry about timing your search as much as you would in a center with fewer available apartments. If you start looking six weeks before your projected move in date, you should have no trouble finding a place.

How to Search

Finding an apartment can be hard, especially when there are so many choices. With our filters, you can narrow your search by price, floorplan, and amenities. Looking for an apartment building with a fitness center, swimming pool, and easy access to a dog park? We've got you covered.

Staying in the know

When you're filling out an application for an apartment, be sure to answer all of the questions as best you can. Don't leave anything out. Some people try to hide details, such as a gap in employment or similar situation, but the truth is that landlords always find these things out. Just be honest, and you stand a much better chance of getting approved for an apartment.

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Life in Murfreesboro


Most of the locals drive everywhere they need to go. Except in very major cities, this is essentially the norm throughout the south. There is a public bus service in Murfreesboro however, known as the Rover. It is very limited however, shutting down at 600 PM on weekdays, and with no weekend service at all.

Where to play

Tennessee is well known for its BBQ, so if you want a taste of authentic local BBQ try the Slick Pig. You could also visit several historic sites, such as the Oakland's Historic House or the Stones River National Battlefield. If you'd like to sample some locally brewed beers, you could head to the Mayday Brewery.


Murfreesboro is a historic city, and many of the attractions that are of the greatest interest to those visiting for the first time are the many historic sites contained within the area. The Stones River National Battlefield is a must for anyone with an interest in the history of our nation. History buffs will also find points of interest within the Stones River National Cemetery and the Hazen Brigade Monument. Cannonsburgh Village is a preserved and well kept version of an 18th century village, and it gives visitors a sense of what life in Murfreesboro might have been like all those years ago.


There are a number of fantastic Greek restaurants in Murfreesboro, and you really can't go to far wrong at any of them. Gyro Tabouli, Opah Greek Grill, or the Greek Café Grill are all great options. If you like spicy food, then you need to go to the Blue Cactus Cantina. The cooks here have taken the very best of Mexican and Cajun flavours, and melded them into something that is spicy and delicious. For the best soup in town, head over to All Souped Up. You can also get sandwiches and other fare here, but the more than 100 varieties of soup that appear on the menu are the real reason to come to this restaurant.


O’Possums is a great place to get a drink, and also brews some in house beers for you to try during your next stop in Murfreesboro. Bar Louis is very popular during the supper hour, as it definitely has some of the best food from any of the drinking establishments in Murfreesboro. The Green Dragon Public House is part of a new bar movement in the country that caters to the board-game loving crowd. The food is fantastic, the beer selection is large, and there is a collection of Dungeons and Dragons books and board games for the patrons to avail themselves of while enjoying a drink.


If you're interested in local history, you must visit the Oaklands Historic House Museum in Murfreesboro. The museum is housed in a mansion that pre-dates the civil war, and the exhibits document the history not just of the house, but also of this part of Tennessee. The Center for the Arts in Murfreesboro is home to many of the largest cultural presentations that occur in the city, including large-scale musicals. The Center is also home to an art gallery, which focuses on presenting the work of local artists. The Murfreesboro Little Theatre is a community theatre organization with a history that reaches back over 50 years.


Like many other cities in this part of the country, Murfreesboro holds an event to celebrate one of the local’s favourite foods: barbecue. The Annual Roanoke-Chowan Pork Fest focuses on great barbecue, but also includes music and an antique car show. The International Folkfest takes place in June, and features dance and music presentations from a wide variety of cultural groups. The presentations typically happen at the Center for the Arts. The Main Street Jazz Fest is a music festival that takes place in early May each year. Jazz Fest transforms downtown Murfreesboro into a bustling hub of activity with great food, great drink, and of course, great music for an entire weekend.


The Avenue is certainly the premiere outdoor shopping destination in Murfreesboro. The shops range from books and gifts to a wide range of fashion options for men and women. There are also several good dining options available in the Avenue, including Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and Mimi’s Café. If you prefer a more traditional, indoor mall shopping experience, then you can go to the Stones River Mall. Anchor stores in the mall include a JC Penney, Sears and a Dillard’s. It is also home to a very large Books-A-Million store which has always been popular with the Murfreesboro residents.


Murfreesboro is home to Middle Tennessee University. This is the home of the MTU Blue Raiders, a storied athletics program. Tailgating a Blue Raiders game and getting to watch the home time bring home a win is one of the best parts about living in Murfreesboro. Although the Blue Raiders Football team hasn’t produced scores of legendary athletes, they have still been very competitive historically in their conference, winning the title 12 times. The women’s basketball team has also been extremely competitive. They won their conference six out of eight times between 2005 and 2013. The school also has a strong golf program.


Boro Beach is a wonderful place to go on a hot summer day, and plunging down one of the outdoor waterslides is a quick way to cool off. If you enjoy to hike, then heading out to the Stones River Greenway will be a fun way to spend some time. There are also a number of great spots to go fishing not that far from Murfreesboro. Double Springs Brach, Puckett Creek, and Middle Fork Stones River are just a few options for stream or creek fishing. If you're looking to get out on a lake, you can head to Lockwood Lake among others.