Drew University:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Drew University

Apartment costs in Madison are pretty expensive. The average rental rates near DU and FDU are about $1300 for a one bedroom. Aside from commuters, just about all students live on-campus, including upperclassmen who receive higher-end housing than the freshmen. If you plan on attending Drew or Fairleigh, it’s highly recommended you opt for their on-campus housing. Madison, New Jersey is home to both Drew University and Fairleigh Dickinson University, which take up a good amount of the town with their campuses. Route 124/Main Street runs through the town with various stores and restaurants. There is a community pool, a bowling alley, a small movie theater, and The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is a great professional theater that puts on various performances throughout the year. Overall, Madison is a quaint little town, so quaint that it’s been used as the backdrop in a few TV shows and movies. Nearby, in Short Hills, there is a high-end mall, but otherwise, there aren’t a huge amount of activities in Madison, so it’s recommended to get involved in clubs and organizations, since they are plentiful at DU.


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