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A Local Perspective

Greenville is a mid-sized city in Pitt County of North Carolina. With just under 90,000 people, the city manages to provide most of the amenities you hope for in a city without falling prey to the traffic, pollution and noise problems that plague so many bigger centers.

There are two things that Greenville is very well known for. These are East Carolina University and BMX bike racing. The professional BMX bike movement is very popular in Greenville, and some of the sport's biggest stars call the city home. The University is a draw that pulls so many young people to town that it has become the fastest growing University in North Carolina. Currently, its annual attendance is at over 27,000 students.

Greenville NC

Finding a Greenville Apartment

When to search

Greenville is both a young person's town and a student community. This means that the early summer is when apartment hunters want to be on the prowl. If you wait until the end of summer you will find that students starting up at ECU will have taken up most of the available rental housing.

How to Search

Finding an apartment can be hard, especially when there are so many choices. With our filters, you can narrow your search by price, floorplan, and amenities. Looking for an apartment building with a fitness center, swimming pool, and easy access to a dog park? We've got you covered.

Staying in the know

You might need to provide as many as three references when you apply for an apartment in Greenville. If you can, try to make two of them references from past landlords, and one a reference from an employer. If a landlord knows you're a good worker and a good tenant, they have almost no reason not to rent to you.

Life in Greenville


Public transportation is offered both by the city and the University in Greenville. The city busses are part of the GREAT system. This is a limited system that shuts down in the early evening and is without service on Sundays. If you need better coverage than that, you should probably have a car.

Where to play

For high end shopping, visit the Arlington Mall. River Park is an excellent refuge where you can fish, boat, or camp. For a great student secret, order a pizza or visit Chanello's Pizza instead of relying on the chain stores. The Live Nightclub is a great late-night hangout, with live acts putting on a show most nights of the week.


Many people come to Greenville to attend various events, several of which are held at the excellent Greenville Convention Center. This city is extremely important in the BMX bike world, and as a result, it has one of the best extreme parks for BMX bikers to enjoy that you'll find anywhere. Another popular local attraction is the Blackjack MX Motocross Track. This track features races of all age brackets, and is popular throughout the season with Greenville residents, and folks from throughout the state. There is also excellent golf available in the area, such as at the Bradford Creek Golf Club.


Pizza fans won't ever be disappointed by Marabella Old World Pizza. This is the way pizza was meant to be served, and once you've tried it, it is hard to go back to any other way. Cinnamon is a local Indian restaurant that is famous with those who like Indian food. Previously, it was known as Dave’s but the food is the same great fare that patrons have come to expect. Basil’s is another local gem that has a nice variety on their menu, and a fantastic outdoor seating area. Asian food is also on full display in Greenville, with options like Shogun, E C Pho, and Tokyo Japan all providing excellent food and dining experiences.


If you like microbrewery beer, you should go to Christy’s Euro Pub. The food is delicious, but the wide selection of bottled microbrews seems to be what keeps people coming back on a regular basis. There aren't a lot of dance clubs in town, but because Greenville is a college town you can certainly find a few. Still Life is a good bet if you enjoy the all-night party scene. If you're more of a relaxed sports bar fan, then you should try Tie Breakers. They have ample TVs that will always have the game on, and have a reputation for some really excellent food as well.


The Greenville Museum of Art is certainly one of the most important cultural institutions in town. The museum does an excellent job of attracting high quality touring exhibits to supplement it's permanent collection. A handful of venues in town present live theatre. The Magnolia Arts Center features several plays each year, and also hosts a small film festival annually. The largest shows in town are often brought by the S. Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts Series, which attracts internationally renowned artists from all disciplines to Greenville. The Wright Center on the East Carolina University Campus is home to a variety of concerts and performances throughout the year.


Greenville hosts a series of First Friday Art walks where you can stroll through the uptown galleries in a friendly and festive atmosphere. To celebrate the Kentucky Derby, the town hosts a Derby Dash Bash that features dining and music along with a viewing of the big race. If you're in the mood for something a bit different, you might want to check out Piratefest. This festival has been around for nearly ten years now, and celebrates everything and anything connected with pirates. The costumes alone make it worth paying the festival a visit. Greenville has also embraced the country’s love of craft beer, and celebrates it with the annual Jolly Skull Beer Festival, held at the Greenville Convention Center.


The big indoor shopping mall in Greenville is the Greenville Mall. Shoppers can browse the wares of more than 60 retailers, or shop at the massive department store, JC Penney. There are several other strip malls and outdoor shopping centers throughout town. If you like to shop local, the farmers markets might be of interest to you. The Pitt County Farmer’s Market takes place Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. If you prefer to shop in the evening, the Umbrella Market happens Wednesday evenings at Five Points Plaza. Greenville also has quite a thriving antique market, and shops like Woodside Antiques and Auction Gallery provide unique opportunities to find one of a kind items.


The East Carolina University Pirates are hugely popular with the local populace. Clark-LeClair Stadium is where the men play baseball. There is also going to be a renovation to the football stadium in the near future where the seating capacity will be enlarged by 10,000. The need for such a renovation should tell you everything you need to know about how popular Pirates football is in Greenville. The program has consistently produced players that have been drafted into the NFL, such as three time Pro-Bowler, Chris Johnson.


Greenville is home to a number of great parks, and there is a 3.5 mile greenway that connects various neighbourhoods throughout the city. There are two nearby state parks that can be reached with a very easy drive. Goose Creek State Park is great because of the excellent swimming beach. The campground here is a great place to get away from the city for a weekend. Cliffs of the Neuse State Park is also nearby. In addition to having great hiking trails and a campground, there is also an 11-acre lake that is perfect for swimming.