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Stoutsville, OH
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321 Pontious Lane Circleville, OH
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Apartments Under $1,000 in Clearcreek Township, OH: June Rental Information

Welcome to the June 2024 Clearcreek Township Apartment Report. In this report, Rentable's data scientists and rental experts analyze the rental market in Clearcreek Township and provide key findings and figures for affordable apartments under $1,000.

Our experts assess the overall market rent-distribution and availability of apartments under $1,000 in Clearcreek Township. We also provide insights into the number of bedrooms available in this price range and offer month-over-month comparisons to help you understand market trends.

Additionally, this report highlights the features and amenities available in affordable apartments in Clearcreek Township, as well as the various location options within the area that fall within the $1,000 price range. Whether you're searching for a cozy studio or a spacious two-bedroom, this report will give you a comprehensive overview of the rental options available to you in Clearcreek Township.
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This month, the typical cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Clearcreek Township stands at $700, with the majority falling between $700 and $700. Out of the 37 one-bedroom apartments currently on the market in Clearcreek Township, 37 are priced below $1,000, accounting for 100% of the total available one-bedroom units in Clearcreek Township.

Looking for Apartments Under $1,000 in Clearcreek Township?

Available apartments under $1,000 166
Top amenities Dishwasher, Balcony/Deck/Patio, Washer / Dryer Connections, Off Street Parking, Garage Detached
Pet friendly 2
Furnished 1
1 Bedroom 1
2 Bedroom 1
4 Bedroom 1
Square footage 625 - 1,176