Andrews University:
A Local Perspective

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The only public transportation in the area is the Amtrak station in Niles, the town south of Berrien Springs. Students mostly use this to go home for break and for coming back to school after. As for getting around locally, vehicles are the dominant form of transportation. Students use them to get from their dorm or apartment to classes, to go to Lake Michigan (eleven miles west), or to go to South Bend (famous for being the home of Notre Dame University) on the weekend. There is a major road, Route 41, that cuts through Berrien Springs, which makes for an easy commute. The Berrien County Fair is an exciting annual event that takes place right next to the Andrews University campus. It happens in August, right before classes start up for the fall semester. The fair has fun events like pie-eating contests, carnival rides, races, and of course, fair food (who doesn’t love funnel cake?). There isn’t a better way to kick off the beginning of a new school year than a county fair. The school also holds other traditional events like homecoming and athletic contests, and unique events like cook-offs and “Nerf olympics.” Needless to say, there are always fun things in the area for students to do.


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