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A Local Perspective

Although Anchorage may not spring to everyone's mind when considering places to relocate to, the beautiful northern city actually has a lot to recommend it. It is by far the largest city in Alaska, and with 300,000 people it actually contains over 40% of the population of the entire state. The residents feel that the wildlife and natural beauty that can be found just outside the city is unmatched by anywhere else in the country.

The climate in Anchorage takes some getting used to, with cold winters and cool summers. However, it is actually the daylight cycle that is tougher to adjust to. The summer days and winter nights both stretch to much longer than what people used to living in southern latitudes are used to. Students that attend the University of Alaska Anchorage from out of state take some time to adjust to the conditions of this northern city.

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Finding an Anchorage Apartment

When to search

Having enough vacant apartments has posed a real challenge for Anchorage over the last several years. Because of the climate here, you can often have good success searching for an apartment in the winter, as some people will sublet their homes to live in better climates for the winter months. If you start searching at the end of one winter, you may also have good luck booking into a place for the following fall.

How to Search

Finding an apartment can be hard, especially when there are so many choices. With our filters, you can narrow your search by price, floorplan, and amenities. Looking for an apartment building with a fitness center, swimming pool, and easy access to a dog park? We've got you covered.

Staying in the know

As in any market where there is low rental apartment availability, you need to think of every rental application you submit as a competition. Do anything you can to make yourself stand out from your competitors. For instance, showing up with letters of reference in hand before you even apply can show that you take getting this apartment seriously, and that you have the references to prove that you're worth renting to.

Life in Anchorage


Anchorage is very spread out, due in part to the rough terrain that it is built on. While it is possible to cycle throughout the city, walking is very difficult unless you don't need to leave the downtown area. The PeopleMover bus system is helpful, but has infrequent routes. Driving by car is the best way to get around, but if you're moving from down south you will need to invest in a set of winter tires for the colder months.